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Print Design

Harland Clarke

I worked with the marketing team at Harland Clarke to create this overview brochure. They wanted to relay the concept that their business is all about growing the businesses of their clients. Selecting very graphic architectural photographs and overlaying them with colorful linear drawings we communicate Harland Clarke’s outreaching network of marketing solutions.

The front and back covers resonate using a wraparound graphic to represent the growth in their clients’ financial businesses. 

Graphics overlay architectural photography to relay the message.

Print Design


Verifone sends their top sales people to an exotic location each year to honor their outstanding work over the previous year. Here the destination was Riviera Maya, Mexico. I worked with the creative team at Frederick Swanston to design this handcrafted piece to welcome the honored individuals to the Chairman’s Club. Colorful photos from Riviera Maya and Mayan style icons were used to set the mood. The invitation opens like a gift with three cards and a vellum overlay. The textural quality of the piece is enhanced by blind de-bossing and letterpress printing.

Letterpress printing and hand-applied photos give this invitation a very personal feel.   

Print Design

The Bigelow Company

The Bigelow Company wanted a coffee table piece to give to a select few of their clients. A goatskin binding wraps up this timeless brochure that is filled with embossed and die-cut details. Games of strategy are used to illustrate the capabilities of the investment banking company. The game metaphors are supported by famous quotes, client testimonials, and intriguing visuals, giving the book a dynamic quality that reflects the solid performance of The Bigelow Company.

Leather binding and embossing help to create a timeless piece.   

Games of strategy are used to illustrate the capabilities of the investment banking company.
Print Design

Pull a part

Pull-A-Part needed a high-impact brochure to help convince city officials nationwide to allow them to build “salvage yards” in their communities. As you can imagine, they are sometimes met with objections. But these are no ordinary salvage yards. They do a great service and are an asset to any community.

We created a brochure to represent Pull-A-Part in a very sophisticated way to help people see the positive impact they make and the value of such a business in their communities. 

To represent the sophistication of Pull-A-Part’s operations, we created a metallic cover and blind-embossed icons of auto parts.   

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