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Brand identity

LOGO design

A logo speaks the language of the company it represents. It is the first word spoken, a visual communication. You have that first instant to grab the attention of your audience. Your logo needs to be clean, crisp and and leave a lasting impression.

Orlando’s Bakery. A gluten-free bakery where organic whole grains are ground fresh.

Emerge. Personal and professional coaching service.

The Crafton Group. A marketing and creative collective.

Motiv. The Crafton Group’s proprietary set of market research tools.

Georgia Memory Net. Logo exploration for an organization that helps families affected by Alzheimers.

Whitt Consulting Group. Construction and risk management consulting.

Lilly Sage Apothecary. Handcrafted soaps, lotions and potions.

Shirley Garrett. Inspirational speaker and facilitator.

Insight. A meditation center.

Epoch. A talent placement agency.

Handcrafted. Fine cabinetry and construction.

Literary Adventure Missions Project. Wilderness adventures and learning for kids.

Hesston. 35 years of large square balers.

MindPeace. Two alternate studies done for MindPeace branding.

ACIAM. Atlanta Center for International Arbitration and Mediation

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